More About Tim Balogh

Husband, father, entrepreneur, and coach.
There is a growing epidemic in our culture today. More and more, we see children raised in front of digital devices, marriages that lack good communication, families buried in debt, and people shackled from pursuing their goals because of poor personal health. Every day we lock eyes with people who matter but have a general disconnect to the wonder and mystery in our world. Everyone desires at some level to move from just mere survival to significance. They want to have hope, health and happiness in their life.
Speaking to numerous organizations, marketplace businesses, and interest groups for more than two decades, Tim Balogh is a national trainer/speaker motivated to helping people develop the knowledge, skills and relationships to help them achieve. As an entrepreneur himself, Tim firmly believes that we are stronger and better together and that we should not “do life alone.” He began Magnus Life Coaching LLC as way to help others by cultivating healthy relationships that encourage healthy living. Tim motivates and challenges individuals to achieve a “Magnus” [Great] lifestyle by pursuing authentic transformation and he gives them the insider tips, tactics and strategies to live The Magnus Life to help them change their world and live their dreams!