Financial Coaching – Pricing

How much does a Financial Coach charge?

This is the most common question and the most difficult to answer. I can give you a ballpark figure and tell you how much I charge but like everyone else who provides a service and owns their own company, it will vary.

The rates of a Financial Coach vary, but most charge a flat fee averaging about $200.  If you are a family of four, this is the cost of two family dinners out to Applebee’s or a month’s worth of pizza delivery.

I charge $197 and here’s what you will get for that fee:

  • A snapshot of your financial state of affairs. 
  • An hour-long conversation via phone or in-person (if applicable) to come up with a plan just for you.
  • Two follow up emails with everything we talked about,  including your goals, homework, and your plan.
  • A Debt Freedom Planner (a $67 value) right to your inbox.
  • BONUS resources to help you manage your money.

How do I afford a Financial Coach?

If you are buried and lost in debt, and you think you can’t afford to hire a financial coach, my answer is honestly, you can’t afford NOT to.

Because what you are doing right now, without any support is certainly not working for you!

Sell some clothes or toys nobody is using, have a garage sale, cut out a couple of those dinners out or take back the change in the big change jar so you can afford to hire a Money Coach!

A Financial Coach can help you come up with a plan whether its a problem of poor money management or not enough money.  We can assist you in finding ways to increase that income.

Realize this is an investment in your personal financial future and that this return on investment will make you as much money as you dream you already have…and then more!

You might be happy with the hope we can interject and the direction we can lead you!